These general terms and conditions apply to the relationship between the private company OKe Online, below referred with OKe Online and its contractual partner, hereinafter referred to as the client.


1. Definitions

The concepts have indicated below in these terms and conditions the following meaning:

OKe Online: the legal person who through the websites, products and/or services made available or provided information or with whom the client in respect of those products and/or services.

Client: the natural person or entity with whom OKe Online has concluded the contract or that the Websites of OKe Online visit.

Agent: a computer program that automatically all or part of a Web site, their information, products and/or services (other).

General conditions: General Hotel OKe Online as deposited at the Chamber of Commerce Arnhem.

Browser: browser for use of the World Wide Web or similar forms of unlocking or making available of information.

Button: virtual button or other business identifier with similar function on a website.

YearHired: each on the basis of the agreement to carry out Online by Omnia or activity as well as all materials produced and results intended for client.

Form: electronic document that contains a detailed specification of the service or product is incorporated and/or modify a command for the service or product is placed or that the service or product is ordered or reserved.

Defect: demonstrable abnormality in a product or a service in relation to the agreed properties.

Hyperlink: an indication to a Web page that provides a connection to another Web page.

Intellectual property rights: all rights of intellectual property and related rights, including copyright, trademark right, patent, design right, trademark right, database right and related rights, as well as rights to know-how and patentable inventions.

Agreement: the form, and/or any other legally valid in accordance with the terms and conditions to the legal relationship between parties stated determination or expression.

Party: each party to the agreement.

Product: each on the basis of the agreement by OKe Online, to be delivered or delivered good or on the basis of traffic views analogous product, including firmware.

Firmware: computer software in object code, including the manual intended for client benefit from their use.

Website: each virtual place on the World Wide Web, or similar forms of unlocking or making available of information, through whose products and/or services or information

There will be made available.


2. Applicability

2.1 The general terms and conditions apply to all agreements and all (right) acts between OKe Online and client, even if such actions were not allowed to lead to, or are not linked to a contract.

2.2 General conditions shall also apply to any use by client of the websites.

2.3 Unless expressly otherwise agreed, the applicability of other terms and conditions are excluded.

2.4 In due to the specific nature of a given agreement can in that agreement may be waived by one or more of the provisions of the terms and conditions.  


3. Offer and agreement

3.1 of these general terms and conditions apply to all offers and agreements, with OKe Online products and/or services to client supplies or for client done-whether or not these products or services not specified in these terms and conditions are defined, unless the parties have expressly agreed otherwise in writing. Applying the General (purchasing) conditions of principal is explicitly excluded.

3.2 Each listing serves as a single entity to be considered.

3.3 the by OKe Online inquiries are without obligation to OKe Online a command from the client in writing, or until such time that OKe Online start the

performance of the contract.


4. Technical data

4.1 OKe Online meeting on satisfactory manner to its obligations under a contract of sale, even if they produce with properties, in comparison with advertised specifications located within margins that are customary in the industry, or for the suppliers of OKe Online. Deviations of images, drawings, colors, patterns, sizes etc. that before or at the time of conclusion of the agreement are given, are expressly covered.


5. Price and payment

5.1 all prices of OKe Online are including VAT and excluding other levies, carried out by or on behalf of the Government be imposed; They shall also apply each, unless stated otherwise.

5.2 all prices are inclusive of OKe Online freight within Netherlands (with the exception of the Islands), however, excluding costs of express shipments at the request of the client and excluding costs of unloading, transport, and drawing on the spot. By way of derogation, OKe Online reserves the right for orders below a threshold to be determined (including VAT) freight costs. In addition, OKe Online reserves the right for orders other costs charges by awarding it at the time of delivery applicable surcharge rate.

5.3 A result of the conclusion of the agreement is not known increase in expense of OKe Online costs, which increase in first after the conclusion of occurs the agreement and are directly or indirectly affects the performance of the agreement, such as salary increases, price increases in materials, increases in excise duties, import taxes, insurance premiums, freight charges and taxes, depreciation of the currency of payment of the purchase price has been agreed, modification of

customs fees, etc, from the moment of this increase be passed on to the client.

5.4 Invoices of OKe Online by the principal to be paid in accordance with the stated on the invoice payment terms. If this fails, the client the invoice within 30 days after invoice date will be charged.

5.5 are payable without set off or suspension .website, except insofar as when arbitral or judicial decision, it was determined that sponsor a deductible counterclaim or a basis for the suspension.

5.6 Payment should take place through the use of Internet banking (iDEAL), or by means of prepayment, or by transfer to a by OKe Online to designate a bank account.

5.7 If the client payment is not made within thirty days after invoice date, client from that moment, without prior notice is required on the outstanding amount an interest rate of 1% per month payable to OKe Online. Whenever an invoice remains unpaid for six months, the principal on the expiry of that period, increased with the then current interest due.

5.8 if the instructing party remains after notice of the claim of negligence, the claim after notice thereof to the client be relinquished, in which case the client in addition to the total amount then due will be also taken to full compensation for extrajudicial and judicial costs of collection, including attorneys ' fees; the height of the extrajudicial collection costs shall be determined on a minimum of 15% of the total amount due, with a minimum of € 100,-).  

5.9 If the creditworthiness of the client, may require further security OKe Online in the absence of which OKe Online the execution of the agreement may suspend. This applies in each case as long as client not all his obligations vis-à-vis the OKe Online from previous transactions has met.


6. Risk and transport

6.1 loading and unloading of the products, as well as the transport, shall be made at the risk of contracting. If by OKe Online vis-à-vis third parties in respect of transport statements, or with any third party terms are agreed and/or commitments, this shall be deemed to be in the name and on behalf of the client to have been effected. OKe Online has the right products for the account of a client to insure against risk, occurring during loading and unloading and transport and to customer at an additional charge. The latest financing operations approved by OKe Online chosen level of the surcharge applies here.


7. Emballage

7.1 Unless the products are delivered by OKe Online in a factory packaging, for which they are not separately by the manufacturer, the packing costs will be charged to the client.

7.2 the calculated emballage is credited for the full price, provided that they are in good condition and within one month after the date of the invoice concerned vrachtvrij is returned.

7.3 All cable reels shall remain the property of OKe Online.


8. Delivery

8.1 Delivery will normally be with UPS. If the products are in stock we ship after two working days. The total delivery time for stocked products (subject unsold) is two working days plus the UPS shipping method of your choise. If there is a longer delivery time, the client by means of an order confirmation is notified of the expected delivery time.

All referred to by OKe Online (delivery) period determined on the basis of the information it receives as a result of the conclusion of the agreement were known; they will be satisfied as far as possible. The time-limits may in no case the deadline referred to in art. 6: 83 (a) BW. the following shall be considered, unless expressly agreed. OKe Online is not tied to (delivery) periods which, due to circumstances arising after the conclusion of the agreement have been met. If crossing of any deadline is looming, parties will as soon as possible. Only an excessive overrun of time limits can be regarded as a ground for rescission of the contract.

8.2 OKe Online is deemed to have complied with its duty to deliver the products to the customer. Report of the carrier on the refusal of acceptance shall supply to delivery. In such a case, costs of retourvracht and storage, as well as further possible cost, completely and exclusively for the account of client.

8.3 OKe Online is entitled to a quantity of ordered products as a whole or after successively availability of the products in instalments. If comes in parts, is OKe Online entitled per invoice, pertaining to a part-delivery, require payment.

8.4 If has corresponded that products on demand of the client will be delivered, the purchased products in quantities as equal as possible and as evenly as possible over the designated period for delivery will be divided.

8.5 return

8.5.1 for 14 (fourteen) working days after receipt of the product, the client has the right from the contract without giving any reasons to dissolve and the product to return or Exchange. The dissolution shall be carried out by the submission of a corresponding statement by the principal.

8.5.2. returned products shall only be taken back as those in original packaging, undamaged, not bestickerd and unwritten in OKe Online are offered. Readmission of non standard in the assortment of products, which at the special request of the client are ordered, under all circumstances excluded. This also applies to special tailor-made products delivered.  

8.5.3. the cost of the return of the product shall be borne by the principal.

8.5.4 if already any payment, OKe Online payment within fourteen days after receiving a refund return shipping.

8.6 OKe Online will not be liable for any import tax (where applicable). Check your countries tax conditions before ordering.



9. Communications

9.1 Every communication between OKe Online and client can electronically shall be made except as otherwise provided in these terms and conditions and/or the contract and/or the Act derogating therefrom.

9.2 Saved by OKe Online communication is to provide evidence thereof, the person honouring the obligation by the client.

9.3 Electronic communications shall be deemed to have been received on the day of dispatch, unless they have evidence to the contrary by the recipient thereof is proven. If the communication was not received as a result of delivery and/or accessibility issues relating to the e-mailbox of the client, this risk of client, even if the e-mailbox with a third party is housed.


10. Information OKe Online

10.1 OKe Online shall ensure that the General conditions for or at the conclusion of the agreement to sponsor may or may not be made available electronically. Client is itself

responsible for optionally storing and printing of the general terms and conditions and the agreement, through the websites, in the Web browser of the client or otherwise available facilities, and for the accessibility of the saved copy.

10.2 For OKe Online without prejudice to any existing legal obligations to the agreement and/or the terms and conditions, OKe Online not obligated to any archived agreement and/or the terms and conditions for client access.

10.3 Where the agreement exclusively through the exchange of electronic mail or any other similar form of individual communications, the provisions of article 10.1 shall not apply.

10.4 OKe Online through its websites shall include the following information available:

a. name, address information and registration at the Chamber of Commerce;

b. the main features of the product and/or service;

(c) the address and telephone number from which the client may submit a complaint, that address shall be deemed the address mentioned in (a) above, unless on the websites of OKe Online otherwise indicated.

10.5 OKe Online points out this stress that client termination and/or destruction capabilities if OKe Online does not meet in the law mentioned

information obligations. Any specific termination and/or vernietigingsrecht of principal on the basis of infringement by OKe Online of information obligations should be exercised within 14 (fourteen) days after the agreement was concluded, except insofar as the law prescribes a different period.

10.6 If client makes use of an agent, client is responsible for all actions (right) that client using the agent shall be carried out and fully

allocated to the client. If the agent by clicking a button, or on other electronic manner, an order or order or make a reservation, is client totally bound thereto.


11. Formation of Contract

11.1 Manifestations of OKe Online at the websites relating to the provision of services and/or products shall be construed as a solicitation of an offer. Each agreement is concluded under the suspensive condition of sufficient availability of the relevant products and/or services. The agreement is established by the confirmation of OKe Online of the order of the client. Confirmation can electronically (for example, via our website, by email or by means of SMS or similar technologies) or, if this is agreed, in writing (by fax or letter) place.  


12. Intellectual property rights

12.1 Intellectual property rights in and to all products or services that OKe Online within the framework of the agreement, remain with OKe Online or at the third of whom OKe Online has the right (a part of) these products or services to the client.

With regard to software and other relevant products and services, hereby grants OKe Online under the suspensive condition of payment by the client of all in the context of the contract amounts due by him, to sponsor a license that is not exclusive and non-transferable, unless the agreement expressly provides otherwise.

12.2 Client State shall ensure that he, if and in so far as by him within the framework of the agreement to OKe Online materials or information made available is so entitled and that such materials and information do not infringe rights of third parties.

12.3 Sponsor may indications of the rightholder with respect to intellectual property rights not to remove any content. The same applies to communications that certain

information of a confidential nature.

12.4 Dwingendrechtelijk except insofar as permitted by law, may sponsor provided firmware not reproduce, decompile, or reverse-engineer. Furthermore, it is not allowed savers or technical (usage) limitations of firmware to remove or bypass. The client is permitted provided firmware a backup copy that is identical to the original, provided that this same indications of the rightholder with respect to intellectual property rights and notices about confidentiality as the original.

12.5 OKe Online shall indemnify the client against claims by third parties under the agreement made available in Netherlands products or services infringe intellectual property rights or otherwise is unlawful, on condition that the client shall immediately inform about OKe Online the existence and the content of such claims and that client OKe Online complete freedom in the conduct of negotiations and/or the adoption of a scheme and/or defend any procedure. If and insofar as necessary, Client hereby to OKe Online an irrevocable power of Attorney for the conduct of a defence in and out of court against such claims and introducing a scheme. Client undertakes to provide all the information and cooperation to OKe Online that are reasonably necessary. The indemnification obligation of OKe Online shall lapse if and insofar as the alleged infringement is caused by changes in the products or services provided by customer or on behalf of the client by a third party have been carried out, through the use of the products or services in conjunction with not by OKe Online products or services or resulting from use in a manner different from that for which the products or services developed or intended.


13. Privacy

13.1 Client is deemed to have read the privacy statement of OKe Online and agree to the processing of his personal data.

13.2 Client is aware that OKe Online personal data of client processes, including the provision of information about our clients ' activities on the Web sites, such as the visited

pages, the time spent on different parts of the websites is spent, the Internet address of the website where client is coming from, and the products or services that the client has ordered. OKe Online stores this information in a database which is used for the execution of the agreement, including measures to improve client services and the provision of information or offers to the client.

13.3 Sponsor may the data that Omnia has collected online about him understand and correct as needed.  

Sponsor has the right to ask for OKe Online eligible data from client to remove or block. OKe Online will to this request within 4 (four) weeks to decide, after consideration of the importance of OKe Online and the privacybelang of sponsor and will, in the case of a decision to foreclosure or removal, whether as a result, the client will inform the client that use of products and/or services, may be restricted or prevented.


14. Confidentiality

14.1. If and in so far as, in the implementation of the Agreement confidential information of a party comes to the knowledge of the other party, the other party may use this information only for the execution of the agreement and access to information restricted to persons who, for that purpose should take.

14.2 Under confidential information shall not include information that is already publicly was at the time they came to the attention of the receiving party, which subsequently has become public outside the Act or omission of the receiving party, or that the receiving party from a third party has also gotten without leaving a duty of confidentiality is imposed and this third nor to secrecy.


15. Duration and termination

15.1 The agreement is concluded for an indefinite period of time.

15.2 In case of (provisional) suspension of payment, bankruptcy, liquidation or cessation of the business of a party, the other party shall have the right to the contract in whole or in part, without prejudice to its other rights and without any compensation to be held.

15.3 In case of dissolution in accordance with the provisions of article 15.2 are all claims of the respective party for the other party immediately and entirely due and payable. The other party is obliged to take the necessary measures in order to the respective party's rights.

15.4 If the instructing party his termination and/or vernietigingsrecht for breach of obligations as regards information apparently only exercise with the purpose to benefit from a generic price drop

of the ordered product or service in the period within which the right of cancellation may be exercised, OKe Online the right part of the price drop in the data as a result of the exercised decomposition-and/or vernietigingsrecht back amount to be paid, except in so far as to standards of reasonableness and fairness would be unacceptable.

15.5 In event of a termination in accordance with article 15.2, 15.3 and 15.4 will the following obligations after the end of the agreement through:

– outstanding payments;

– confidentiality;

– intellectual property rights;

– liability.

These obligations will continue to exist as long as OKe Online on the survival in reasonableness can claim.


16. Rights of OKe Online

16.1 Possible copyright and all other intellectual or industrial property rights or derived licenses to materials and documents (such as: opinions, reports, images, designs, models, etc.) used by OKe Online are delivered to the client or by any means made available, are OKe Online. Client obtains only a right of use, as far as the parties have not agreed upon in writing. Making available to third parties, in any way reproduce, store in a retrieval system, and the public in any form or by any means without the express written permission of OKe Online not allowed.

16.2 The customer is not allowed any indications about rights of intellectual or industrial property rights from or of the materials and/or documents to remove or modify.  


17. Retention of title

17.1 all client products supplied remain the property of OKe Online until all amounts owed to OKe Online client for the under any agreement in force between the parties or to deliver products delivered or work performed or to be performed, as well as the amounts referred to in art. 5.7 and 5.8 full to OKe Online are met. Rights always be given to the client or, where appropriate, transferred under the suspensive condition that sponsor the agreed fees fully and in a timely manner.


18. Guarantee

18.1 On the products delivered by OKe Online is full factory warranty in accordance with the terms as to manufacturer. On light sources is no guarantee.

18.2 transmission of components by OKe Online to client or vice versa in the context of the guarantee obligation shall be effected for the account and risk of principal.

18.3 The warranty described in this article by OKe Online obligation is only supported if the identified defect is not due to improper use or use other than in accordance with the destination, and the defect immediately after discovery to Omnia was brought Online. The guarantee obligation shall be extinguished forthwith, if it transpires that client arbitrary repairs or changes to the products delivered by OKe Online or did run or made or did make. The guarantee obligation need not be able to be done as long as principal payment has not been fully met.

18.4 by her in the context of its warranty obligation to replace products owned by OKe Online.

18.5 If goods supplied by OKe Online are mounted or processed complaints, regardless of on which grounds, in case of wrong delivery including, no longer allowed, even if it is submitted within the prescribed period. In such cases is no concession to OKe Online of any kind.

18.6 Complaints serve in writing within 8 (eight) working days after receipt of the products to be submitted.


19. Collaboration client

19.1 the client must all useful and necessary data or information which is required for implementation of the agreement, timely to OKe Online.

19.2 If the execution of the agreement necessary data not, not timely or not in accordance with this article at the disposal of the OKe Online, or if the instructing party otherwise failing to comply with its obligations, OKe Online the right the execution of the agreement on the right to suspend and extra costs according to the usual rates of OKe Online to client.


20. Termination

20. (1) the agreement may, unless the parties have agreed otherwise, only be terminated by dissolution and this only after proper written notice if the other Party imputably in the fulfilment of essential obligations under the agreement. The dissolution must be effected by registered letter; judicial intervention is not required.

20.2 If the instructing party at the time of the dissolution has already received benefits for the implementation of the agreement have been received, he may terminate the agreement only partially and now only for that portion, that by OKe Online has not yet been conducted. Amounts that OKe Online for the dissolution have been invoiced in respect of which they are already in the execution of the agreement has done or delivered, and continue to be payable at the time of the dissolution immediately due and payable.

20.3 In by way of derogation from the provisions of art. 20.1 can OKe Online the agreement with immediate effect without judicial intervention by means of a written notice to terminate the client, in whole or in part if:

a. client requests or bankruptcy is declared bankrupt;

b. to sponsor – provisionally – suspension of payment shall be granted;

c. sponsor his creditors offering an agreement out of court;

d. principal otherwise not able to comply with his payment obligations;

e. on a significant portion of the ability of principal arrested;

f. the company terminated, other than for the purposes of reconstruction or amalgamation of enterprises;

g. a kredietverzekeringsmaatschappij of OKe Online credit facilities with respect to client withdraws or limited;

(h). in the event of cancellation of a contract following the mid-term review.

OKe Online will because of dissolution pursuant to art. 20.3 never held to any compensation.


21. Liability of OKe Online

21.1 for a shortcoming in the fulfilment of the arrangement is OKe Online only liable for replacement compensation, i.e., reimbursement of the value of the wayside performance. Any liability of OKe Online for other damages is excluded, including additional compensation in any form whatsoever, repayment of indirect or consequential damages or damages for lost profits.

OKe Online is in no case liable for delay damages, damages for loss of data, damage due to time-limits being exceeded as a result of changed circumstances, damage as a result of the provision of lack of cooperation, information or materials by client and damages for her given information and opinions whose contents are not explicitly part of a written agreement.

21.2 The by OKe Online under the first paragraph to pay damages shall in no case exceed on the basis of the relevant agreement by OKe Online to client billable amounts invoiced and (excluding turnover tax). If and insofar as the contract is a continuing performance agreement, will these damages in no event exceed the price (excluding VAT) stipulated in the agreement for the performance of OKe Online in the period of three months prior to the failure of OKe Online. The amounts referred to in this article shall be reduced by stipulated by client and by OKe Online granted credits.

21.3 The compensation to be paid by us will never, however, with regard to the amount that shall be paid by the insurer.

21.4 creates A right to compensation only if the instructing party the damage as soon as possible after the occurrence thereof by registered letter to OKe Online has reported.

21.5 Client indemnifies OKe Online for all damages that they would suffer as a result of claims by third parties, including to employees of OKe Online and persons in

its mission work relating to the products delivered by OKe Online or services provided, including but not limited to:

a. damages resulting from illegal actions of employees of OKe Online and of persons who are employed in its mission and provided of originator and work under his supervision or on his instructions;

b. damages resulting from acts or omissions of customer or of unsafe situations in his company, living room or the place where the contract is to be performed;

c. damages resulting from a defect in the products delivered by OKe Online that were used by client, modified or doorgeleverd under addition of or in connection with own products, software or services of principal, unless client proves that the defect is not due to use, modification or transiting as referred to above.


22. Force majeure

22.1 OKe Online shall not be obliged to fulfil any obligation, if she is prevented as a result of a circumstance, which is not due to its fault, nor by virtue of law, legal act or in the generally accepted.

22.2. force majeure shall, among other things, and therefore not only means war, danger of war, terrorism and insurgency, obstructing measures of domestic and foreign authorities, fire, sabotage, general strikes, transport in the same way, and other circumstances which prevented the execution of the contract impossible is temporarily or permanently.


23. Governing law and choice of Forum

23. (1) the agreements between the parties are governed by Dutch law.

23.2 All disputes which may arise between the parties regarding the interpretation or implementation of the agreement concluded by the parties or of further agreements, resulting therefrom, shall be settled by the Court in Arnhem, or when the kantonrechter absolutely have jurisdiction by virtue of the law by the competent District Court.


24. Deposit and access

24. (1) these general conditions are registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Arnhem; they are quoted upon request be sent free of charge by OKe Online.



Zevenaar, june 2017


Privacy policy OKe Online

Your privacy is of great importance to OKe Online. We therefore adhere to us the privacy law. This means that your data is safe with us and that we always have it use it neatly. In this privacy statement we explain what we have with us webshops all do with information that we learn about you. If you have any questions, or want to know exactly what we keep track of you, please contact us on with OKe Online

Handling order

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Other parties

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Security of personal data is of great importance to us. We take care of that data are properly secured with us. We always adjust security and pay attention good on what can go wrong.

Changes to this privacy statement

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View and change your data

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- get an explanation about what personal data we have and what we do with it to do

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To file a complaint

If you feel that we are not helping you in the right way, you have the right to request one submit a complaint to the supervisor. This is called the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens 

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Exchange or Return

Are you not satisfied with your purchase? At OKe-IJzerwaren.nl you can exchange or return an item within 14 days.

You can use your right of withdrawal of undamaged and unused articles as described in article 7 of our terms and conditions. The exchange guarantee is fourteen days after receipt of your order. The product must then be in as original a condition as possible, unused and undamaged and, if possible, returned in its original packaging.

You must always notify us of a return on the grounds of the Right of Withdrawal via email to info@oke-shipsupply.com . Not registered returns are not accepted.

When you want to exchange a product or refund, you must return the products within 14 days to:

OK Online
Oud Zevenaarseweg 7
NL-6905 AH Zevenaar
The Netherlands

Add the packing slip or a copy of the packing slip to the shipment and tick the items you send back. Make sure that the products are well packaged when returning the goods and keep the proof of shipping.

In case of exchange and return the costs are for your own account!

The amount paid for the returned item will be refunded to you within 30 days.

Pay attention:

When we receive returns that are excluded from the right of withdrawal, we can do not reimburse it!